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Synchronous translation

Dear visitors,

This year we will be providing synchronous translation of all the main speeches into Russian and English languages.

If you require translation into one of these languages, please take your own devices (smartphones, tablets, players) that are capable of receiving over the air FM-radio, along with your own headphones.

Unfortunately we will not be able to provide you with FM-receivers, that is why we ask you to bring your own device.

If you use Android-based phone, here is how you can tune in your FM radio:
• Find FM Radio* application on your phone;
• Connect headphones;
• Turn on the radio;
• Tune in to the frequency shown on the screen at the conference;
• Adjust the volume to the comfortable level.

*If your phone does not have an app for FM radio, most likely it is not capable of receiving over-the-air FM frequences. Nevertheless, you can try installing NextRadio Free Live FM Radio, which is only available at Google Play in North America. Here you can download the apk-file for manual installation:

Please note that iPhone, iPad, iPod do not have the radio for receiving over-the-air FM frequencies (without internet). You will not be able to use these devices for translation.